Carolyn "in a nutshell" with a voice described as Silky and Mellow!!

Think of me as a friendly, humorous, and highly educated voice actor with a passion for laughter and fun. With an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in Special Education, and post-graduate courses in various topics including acting, communication, astronomy, and business, I bring a diverse range of knowledge to my work.

In addition to my extensive training in voice over through the Such a Voice Program and private lessons with professional voice actors, I have also committed considerable time and effort to studying the Spanish language. Although I don’t speak it fluently, I would have no problem pronouncing the words should they appear in any script.  Additionally, my lifetime of studies allows me to offer a nuanced and authentic performance for any script including those that might have Spanish references.

My experiences in Old Time Radio, where I won awards for my portrayals of popular characters such as Mrs. Nussbaum from Allen’s Alley, and Leila from The Great Gildersleeve, showcase my versatility and range as a voice actor. I even won the “new name award,” Myrna Travis, for my winning performance in a re-creation of “Gateway to Hollywood.”

Equipped with my own recording studio, I can efficiently edit and complete projects within 48 hours, or even less if required.

I am always eager to lend an interested ear and can discuss almost anything which makes me easy to work with on any voice over project.

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